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Welcome to Reunion Trips

Making Memories Come Alive

What are we without memories? Memories are the treasures we keep locked up inside our mind. The unforgettable memories of our childhood and teenage years, of friends from school or college who we grew up with, never fail to warm the heart or bring a smile to the face. Those wonderful times spent with friends who can never be replaced. The moments spent with family which you often miss. The desire to relive each and every one of those moments again and again resides in all of us but our daily routine makes to so difficult to take out the time to plan and execute such reunions
Fret no more, Reuniontrips is here. Be it a trip with friends from school, college or work, a family reunion or an all girls/ all boys trip, a road trip or an adventure trip; a romantic getaway or even a customized solo trip just for you, anywhere in the world, just tell us what, when and where, sit back, relax and let us work it all out for you.
We will create a customised package for you based on your choice of hotel class, food package, excursion package inclusive of all transportation sightseeing and anything else you require for your holiday. All you have to do is pack your bags and arrive at your destination and everything will be organized and ready for you and your group from the moment you reach till the time you leave your holiday destination.
We will give you the holiday you want with the people you chose at the destination you desire


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Our Categories

Whatever you desire we can make it happen for you


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About Us


Reuniontrips.in is a unique holiday planning company like no other in the country. Owned by two ladies – Sarika & Sonam who are both avid travellers the main endeavour of Reuniontrips.in is to give you exactly what you want in your holiday. Unlike other tour operators who offer you fixed itineraries and hotels and a holiday with a group of strangers, we offer you complete flexibility to plan & enjoy a holiday at the destination & hotel of your choice anywhere in the world with the people you choose for the duration you want.

Dedicated Team

Best Advisors

24/7 Support

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Get in Touch

Sarika Ghai(Partner)

Phone: 9560459200

Email: info@reuniontrips.in

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Sonam Sen(Partner)

Phone: 9899347077

Email: info@reuniontrips.in


The Best thing In Reunion Trips

The best thing in Reunion Trips is that we offer you complete flexibility in your choice of destination, class of hotel, time of travel, itinerary and strength of your group.